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The new RT UHF is a higher power transmitter running on the frequencies of 433-434 MHz. These frequencies require a receiver to match, which are also now available from Marshall Radio. Key advantages are that the antennas are much shorter while the interference and static caused by Commercial interference is almost non-existent.


Built around the reliable 1/3N lithium battery, the RT UHF is the ideal shape and size for leg mounting. With the new bullet lid and tailspring added, it becomes a great TrackPack mount.


“All other features come second to reliability” For the RT UHF, it’s at the top of our list. Everything from the 54 components selected and used in this stable new circuit (some parts have an average rated life of 300 years!), to the processes used in the manufacture (surface mount technology) to the mechanical design makes it the most rugged design possible.

The crystal-based oscillators of the past have always been vulnerable to failure through crystal breakage when used as a leg mount on hard-hitting birds. Using new generation surface-mounted high-shock oscillators, the risk of having your transmitter fail from a fractured crystal has been reduced to near zero.

Tune in once and the signal is always there, same pitch, same sound. This transmitter circuit automatically adjusts to changes in its environment. In addition, temperature and voltage compensation handled by the circuit guarantee you always hear the same tone in extreme environmental changes.

The general rule in producing a powerful radio transmitter antennas has always been: do not cut it shorter than ¼ wave length (which is 13 inches at 216 MHz), or you’ll lose a lot of the radiated power output. But with the Marshall transmitters, we’ve found a way to overcome this barrier and increase the output power while keeping our shorter, much safer antenna.

With the Magnetic On/Off switch, batteries can be left inside the transmitters, until they need to be changed. To turn it on, you simply hold the magnet to the lid or body of the transmitter until you hear three rapid beeps, which tells you the transmitter is on and running. You do the same thing again to turn it back off. This means transmitter can be left on the bird, such as a bird touchy to tail mounts, and then be turned on again just prior to the flight with the tap of the magnet. Tap-on just before flight; tap-off after picking bird up again. This new convenience does not add any risk to the reliability of the design, as it’s fault positive, meaning, if it should fail for any reason, the transmitter is left on. Also, if the magnet is lost, the transmitter can still be turned on and off manually as before.

No more having to ‘test batteries’ with a battery-tester before each flight to see if they are nearing the end of their useful life. The transmitter does all this for you: you get a double-beep on every fifth pulse indicating it’s time to change. And, when you first hear the low battery warning, you still have a 3-4 day reserve to look for a lost hawk.


We’ve found a way to again improve on the efficiency of the circuit, giving the most power output while barely sipping power from the battery thus extending it’s life as long as possible. Using the latest generation of field effect transistors and dynamic resonance circuitry, this new design pumps more energy into the antenna without wasting as much power through internal resistance. The result is the highest efficiency ciruit available anywhere.

Through greater efficiency in the circuit (and some black magic inside), the power output you hear will now be more consistent as the battery drains. This is not the case with the older designs where weak batteries or very cold temperatures mean a correspondingly weak signal or failure.


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