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  • SCOUT 216 UHF
  • Runs 12 days on a single battery
  • Four times the power output of the regular Scout
  • Still weighs only 9 grams
  • Uses a short 7-inch antenna
  • Sixty miles line-of-sight range
  • Frequencies: 433, 434
  • Comes with Mag switch
  • 2032 lithium coin cell battery widely available everywhere
  • Comes in Military Green


The new Scout was originally intended to be the ideal transmitter option for the Shortwing Hawker, having the best combination of range, size, long battery life and low-cost that this group is after.

Built around the common and easy-to-find 2032 lithium coin cell 3v battery, the Scout uses the traditional screw on lid with standard thread sizes already proven on the RT+ over many years.

A key design goal in creating the Turbo version of the Scout was to provide another high power transmitter option in UHF that was a flat low-profile design which is best for dorsal mounting methods (tail and backpack). This also gives the option to customize the large flat lid with customer names or numbers, and eliminating the need for another "Lost Bird tag" on the leg.

For the larger birds such as Harris' Hawks, Goshawks (shown here) and Redtailed Hawks, the Scout makes an ideal leg mount with it's lightweight (9gms with battery) and short antenna.

When ordered in this package, there is a generous sized Bewit slot at the top and the case is flat and smooth on both sides.

For use as a neck mount, you would simply order the leg-mount version, with the Bewit attachment at the top and two smooth sides.

As shown in the image to the right, the flat shape of the case helps it to lay snug against the body of the bird, and the short antenna helps it to stay out of the way of a feeding hawk.

When ordering a Scout as a Tail mount, it comes with a small spring attached to the bottom of the case. The case is machined with three tiny retention posts on the underside that hold the tail spring in place and it uses the same spring as the PowerMax transmitter.

The flat shape and short 7-inch antenna makes it ideal for a "dorsal mount" like the Tail or BackPack (below).

The Bewit attachment is still part of the case, so that in an emergency (or if the spring broke for some reason) you could still use the transmitter as a leg mount temporarily.

Also, you can order the Scout with optional Magnetic "Tap on/Tap off" magnetic switch allowing you to leave the transmitter on the bird all the time, and turning it on just before the flight. This is the ultimate in convenience and avoids the tussle of installing the transmitter just prior to turning your bird loose.

The very same design and features that make the Scout such a great tail mount apply equally well to the BackPack.

This is made all the more appealing since it's conceivable you could install the $1 battery and use it for several months without having to remove the transmitter.

Instead, you would tap in on and off during the season with each day out, as needed, knowing that the low-battery warning (double beep) will alert you when there's only 5 days of search time left. There is no such thing as a Marshall transmitter ever quitting on you without warning in the field, due to a low battery.


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